Nobody Remembers TIMETABLE PROJECT: National Association of Artists’ Organizations VINCE LEO Minneapolis, August 1990 WW3 Left Curve #5 & #7
PAD/D a collection of documents about art and politics held at the Jexmon Paraman The Supernatural Green Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas) 25 The Fox #1 1975 an anti-catalog A Response to the Exhibition “American Art” Whitney Museum of American Art 1976 collection of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rdArtists Meeting for Cultural change 1977
Art & Artists Black Phoenix #2 Summer 1978 Cultural Correspondence  Surrealism Issue Fall 1979
Cultural Correspondence Winter 1983 Cultural Correspondence Summer 1985 The Mass Strike In France
WIN Lip A Survivor’s Guide to Baltimore’s Renaissance
Artist’s Space Diary of a Conference on Sexuality Adjustable Height Hanging Clothing Rack, Simple Solid Wood CeiliDirectory of Arts Activism
Treatise on Living for the Use of the Young Generation The Changing Picture of Dockland Red Herring #2
Red Herring Jan ’77 Root & Branch #6 1977 Statements by Lesbian Artists
Dark Matter Diversified Biotech CHAM-9710 Specialty Cooling Chamber for 0.5REPOhistory Creative Tools 4 Critical Times
JSJJEDC Plush Toy 23-40CM Plush Toy Soft Kawaii Stuffed AnimalsCommitted to Print MoMA 1988 New Museum exhibition catalog 1990-1991 Screen Magazine Spring 1980
Let’s Shut Down Seabrook!: Handbook for Oct 6th, 1979 Direct Action Occupation Urban Encounters: A Public Access Exhibition Issues Public Art
WJIN 6 pcs Billiards Table Pocket Rail Slide Track with Net BagsGet The Message BNMB Stainless Steel Letter Necklace Natural Freshwater Pearl LaMessage Art Kitchen Steamer Rack Tray Shelf Stainless Steel Multifunction StThe Monument Redefined A Curatorial Studies Library Site The Book: ABC No Rio Dinero: The Story of a Lower East Side Art Gallery An online archive that gathers together information on people making art in groups and collaborative situations
Heresies Archive An archive that explores the relationship between cultural production and social movements.